Our Story

B&M Asset Group is a locally owned company. We have built over 2000 homes in the Amarillo, Texas area. We have also been making dreams come true in the real estate market for over 50 years.

We Buy Your House

When B&M Asset Group builds your home, we offer the exclusive Barry Christy Complete Service! When you contract with us, we will:
  • Build the home of your dreams
  • Buy your existing home
No other building contractor in the nation provides the B&M Asset Group level of service.

Sum of All the Parts

At B&M Asset Group, we believe in a Sum of all the Parts approach to acquiring a new home. It’s not just a matter of selling a home and buying a new home. Instead, there are several basic transactions that create one larger transaction in each facet. Together that creates the Sum of all the Parts. B&M Asset Group takes the buying and selling transactions and break them down into t more simple terms. We optimize each facet and put them back together in a total package that realizes inherent value and money savings for you. There are many facets to consider in the Sum of All the Parts:

Your Current Home (the Exit Property)

When B&M is the only company in the nation that offers a purchase program of your existing home. We will order an appraisal by an independent third party and offer you a price that typically comes in at 90-94% of the home’s value. When we purchase your home there are no fees. You pay no commissions, fees or closing costs. This could save you substantial amounts of money. Many of our customers are able to sell B&M their home and keep a portion of the equity to pay off credit card debt or reset financial clocks. When B&M buys your current home, there is no need to list your property. You won’t have to deal with showing your home to strangers at inconvenient times. And you won’t wonder where you’ll live during construction if your home sells quickly.

Cost to Insure Your New Home

B&M Assets works with many insurance providers. There are many things we can do to help you save money on insurance. Focusing on these details can save you up to $50-60 monthly. This gives you purchasing power to buy more home with the ability to add $12-15,000 to the costs of your home.

Costs and Mortgage Loan Interest

While mortgage interest rates are at historic lows, the cost to insure a loan against default is historically high. Monthly fees for mortgage insurance or FHA premiums add to your overall payment. These fees help protect the lender against default, but they do not benefit you at all. B&M Asset Group structures the transaction to reduce these fees or make them as low as possible. Sometimes reducing your payment as much as $200-250 each month. This equates to $60-70,000 in purchasing power. Again, giving you the option to build a more expensive home.

Interest Rate

At B&M Asset Group, we pay a percentage of every transaction toward your closing costs. Many times this will allow the buyer to lower his/her interest rate buy buying it down. We will look at how long you plan to live in your home and see if this approach makes sense for you.

Property Tax

Property tax will affect your overall monthly payment, but there is nothing the buyer of B&M Asset Group can do to lower your property tax.

The Time Value of Money

What is your time worth? B&M Asset Group allows you to complete all transactions within the sell and purchase of your new in one place. This saves time and hassle. We run a tight ship, with the goal of providing true value to our customers and growth for our company.

We have an option for you

All of these factors are part of a well-designed plan to give you the most value for your money. Comparably, we challenge you to take a look and are sure you will find that home for home and dollar for dollar, B&M is an innovative leader in providing quality and affordability. We pride ourselves in helping people just like you achieve their goal of home ownership. Regardless of your circumstances, don’t rule us out. With so may programs and resources available, we would love the opportunity to discuss your needs and the options available to meet those needs.