Our Value

How do we do it?

B&M Asset Group operates by a concept developed by co-owners Barry Christy and Mark Christy, called “Phase Building”. We start 40 to 50 homes at a time, purchasing everything possible in advance and at volume discounts. We negotiate upgrades and value before the project is ever started. This is something that, frankly, the competition just can’t do when starting two or three at a time. There is no purchasing power in that approach. Even builders doing the same annual volume would be pressed to match our value as we negotiate for all of the homes in a phase at one time. While we welcome sales from real-estate sales professionals, you are typically dealing directly with B&M bypassing costly commissions and fees that are normally passed on to the consumer. We run a tight ship, with the goal of providing true value to our customers and growth for our company.

If Home Ownership is Your Goal, and Value is Important, CHANCES ARE WE HAVE AN OPTION FOR YOU!

With all the programs and resources we have available we pride ourselves in helping people achieve their goal of home ownership. Regardless of your circumstances, don’t rule us out. We would love the opportunity to discuss your needs and the options to meet them.