Buying a new home can be a daunting process, especially if you’re trying to find the perfect fit for your family. Homebuyers in Texas face many challenges in narrowing down their search, which is why we have created this guide for a few quick and effective tips to make the process easier.

If you’re ready to buy a brand-new home without the high costs or hassles associated with the process, be sure to learn about B&M Amarillo Homes and how our process is different. Keep reading for the first part of this guide, and feel free to contact us to get started. We look forward to working with you!



When you’re looking to buy a home, you likely have an ideal size in mind to accommodate all of your family’s needs. From the floor plan to the kitchen space, each detail should be figured out in order to achieve the most long-term satisfaction.

Bedrooms and Bathrooms 

Is your family the perfect size already or is the prospect of more kids on the horizon? Will your children be happy to share a room, or are they already vying for their own personal space? These considerations do not get easier as time goes on, so be sure to think hard about exactly what your family wants before you put an offer down on a new home!

Kitchen Amenities

As the most versatile room in any home, the kitchen can either make or break your idea of a dream home. Data collected from showed that nearly 70% of homes for sale listed the kitchen as their main selling point. Unfortunately, many homebuyers gloss over this space in order to find a home that is “good enough.” If you’re not happy with the kitchen, we recommend moving on. Or, if the home is otherwise ideal, consider the cost of renovations to achieve the look and layout you desire.

B&M Amarillo Homes focuses on creating amazing kitchen spaces for Texas families, including stainless steel appliances, custom-made cabinets, wood tile flooring, and more.

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Outdoor Amenities

If you have children, then you’re likely looking for a new home with the space and freedom needed for little ones to roam free. Opting for a condominium may provide a decent living space at a nice price, but bear in mind that small or non-existent yards can cause pain later on. Be sure to look at the outdoor value of homes for sale before getting too invested. A fenced yard, for example, can prove valuable for all of your outdoor activities. Nobody wants to celebrate the Fourth of July inside!

It also helps to find a property with the right amenities to keep your lawn fresh and beautiful. Our custom homes feature full sod yards with complete irrigation systems, making the maintenance of a green yard a breeze. 

Get Started Today!

Next time, we’ll continue this guide by highlighting a few features which can make or break your purchasing process. If you’re ready to find a new home in Amarillo with all of the needed amenities without the high price tag, B&M Amarillo Homes is here to help! Our process eliminates costly agent fees, and our home trade program can help to make buying your Amarillo home even more affordable. Contact us today to get started!

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