Buying a new home can be an exciting process, but for many potential buyers, a lot of requirements need to be checked off the list before moving forward with the purchase. You want to enjoy your new place, and in order to do so, it pays to ensure that you have all of the amenities you want. Compromising on key amenities may lead to regret, which is why many buyers generate a list of must-haves when buying a new home. 

B&M Amarillo Homes, LP is here to provide the best value to our customers. We can help you buy a home in Amarillo, relying on our Sum of All Parts approach to ensure that you benefit from the most luxurious amenities at an amazing price.

Keep reading for a few of the top amenities sought after by home buyers, and be sure to learn about the B&M difference before contacting our team for support!

Granite Countertops

As the most dynamic space in the home, kitchens serve as the hub for modern families. One luxury item on most people’s list is granite countertops. This material is durable, eco-friendly, and a surefire way to add value to any kitchen. The color of your counters won’t fade, and they’ll also defend from burns or cuts upon the surface. Granite countertops are among the most highly requested kitchen renovations, and for good reason!

Custom-Made Cabinets

Maximize your comfort and convenience in the kitchen with custom cabinets. Every chef has their own preferences, and if you have a select layout in mind, then now may be the time to finally cook in a space you love. 

B&M Amarillo Homes, LP is here to serve as your Amarillo home builder, offering customizable options including our cabinets. You can elect to make modifications to your kitchen and kitchen cabinets as needed, including the layout and material.


Awesome Appliances

Upon moving into their new home, many buyers are happy to rely on new, matching appliances. Investing in a matching set helps to make your design look more uniform and offers more versatility for future renovations. Buyers looking into brand-new homes often inquire as to what type of appliances are included. Many buyers request stainless steel appliances, as they are beautiful, durable, and easy to clean. You can rely on long-lasting performance and beauty with appliances built to match any decor or design.

Spacious Floor Plans

Having enough space for the family is essential. Many buyers opt for open, spacious floor plans to allow for a variety of activities. Ample square footage is nice, as well as tall ceilings, eight-foot-tall interior doors, and so on.

Quality Yards

When you browse brand-new homes for sale, you likely see a lot of properties that look to be in the midst of a makeover. Freshly laid sod can make all the difference, especially when both the front and back yards are covered. Many buyers seek out a lush, green lawn supported by an irrigation system. This allows for simple care and amazing results.

Luxurious Landscaping

In addition to green grass, many Texans want to relax in the comfort of a well-landscaped lawn. The right trees, shrubbery, and landscaping components can transform any outdoor space into a personal oasis.

A Good Price

Most buyers are hoping to find the home of their dreams, but understand that luxurious amenities often come with a high price tag. Our new home builders rely on “Phase Building” to maximize the value of each property without increasing costs. B&M Amarillo Homes, LP builds 40 to 50 homes at a time, purchasing all needed materials in advance with volume discounts. We work closely with buyers to ensure that they find the best floor plans at the best prices, and we offer customization options throughout the building process.

We work with buyers directly to avoid added fees and commissions, and we also offer trade-in options to make your new Amarillo home even more affordable!

Contact B&M Today!

You can buy a home in Amarillo today with the help of our team. All of our homes feature the high-quality amenities mentioned above, plus many more! B&M Amarillo Homes, LP is here to help you build the home of your dreams, and we’re confident that you’ll love the results. Contact us today to learn more!

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