Buying a home can be a major undertaking; this is one of your biggest investments, after all! B&M Asset Group, LLC is here to provide home finance assistance and support for citizens in Amarillo and beyond. Our lease-to-own program features amazing versatility for nearly every budget and credit score. This program is ideal for those that don’t want to lose all of their income to rent, but are not able to commit to full homeownership. Our unique approach to home financing allows buyers to use their old property as capital to upgrade into an amazing new home. Check here often, as our blog posts will focus on the complexities and advantages associated with our rent-to-own program!

  1. Finance Your New Texas Home With B&M Asset Group

    If now is the time for you to purchase your first home, make the step to the next level, or invest in your dream property, it can help to find the right residential finance company for the job. Texans have a wide range of financial experts at their disposal when it comes to buying a home, but no two services are created equally. It can pay to find the best avenue for you to move into your property…Read More