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Tim Slatton on What It's Like to Go Through the B&M Trade Program

B&M - Tim Slatton


"Having to go through and do updates, paint, and all the things that go along with buying a used house... We just found it more convenient and a better suit for us to go with B&M Amarillo Homes' Trade Program. We had a one-time meeting, had the house appraised, and spent close to the same as a brand new house to build exactly what we wanted.

Cat was the glue. She kept it all together and made us feel comfortable with the process. I had a lot of phone calls and texts and questions, and she talked us through everything. It exceeded way above our expectations."

Mario & Edalia Mendoza Describe Why They Purchased Two B&M Homes

B&M - Mario & Edalia Mendoza


"I think the only thing in the back of our mind was putting our house on the market. We'd have to move out and find an apartment. With the Trade Program, we got to stay in our home until the other home was finished. They gave us a fair purchase price, and we got to design our new house from the ground up.

We liked the time they gave us. You meet with them one-on-one. It met every expectation that we had and beyond. It's been a pleasure working with Barry and seeing him bring our visions to life."

Nathan & Nicole Mustoe Share Their Experience with the B&M Trade Program

B&M - Nathan & Nicole Mustoe


"With B&M Amarillo Homes offering to just trade houses, it was a no brainer. We were very impressed by the whole process. Everybody we worked with was wonderful. The communication was easy using the app.

We called with different things we were unsure of, and they always found us an answer very quickly. We would absolutely recommend B&M to our friends and family. They made it very stress-free for us, and we're grateful for that."

Dustin & Gracie Hollenstein on Building Their Ideal Home With B&M

B&M - Dustin & Gracie Hollenstein


"B&M Amarillo Homes was the right choice for us with their quality of workmanship and the ability to trade out of our home. Cat made the process really easy. We just told her what we wanted. If we had questions, she answered them. If we had any issues, we called her and they were resolved really quickly.

We love being out in the country. It's peaceful. We've loved every minute of them."

Caleb & Alicia Sanderson on Why They Chose B&M's Trade Program

B&M Assets - Caleb & Alicia Sanderson


"The Trade Program was big for us. We have six kids, so trying to show our house at random times was not feasible for us. There was no problem with getting a hold of anybody. They were always ready to help us, whatever we needed.

After seeing the process for ourselves, it was just so smooth and worked so well. We would definitely recommend someone building with B&M Amarillo Homes."

Callan & Connie Pack Describe How The Trade Program Gave Them Their Ideal Home

B&M Assets - Callan & Connie Pack


"We had quite a bit to do to get our house sellable. Trading your home makes so much more sense. In 10 days, you’re out of your old home and into your new home. It just takes the pressure off of us.

You can see the craftsmanship that B&M Amarillo Homes puts into their homes. They go above and beyond. When you just see everything put together, it really exceeded what we thought it would look like. It’s beautiful."