1. Update your mortgage lender with current pay stubs and bank statements. Check with the “Mortgage Lender” about any other requirements they may have.
  2. Contact your insurance carrier and make sure they have provided you lender and “Title Company” policy information. Typically you will not have to pay anything toward insurance prior to closing as this will be included in the closing.
  3. Have utilities scheduled for transfer
  4. Forward your mail
  5. New home customers can utilize our “Suddenlink Builder Program” for all your entertainment needs. Cable Internet and phone service on one bill hooked up and ready when you move in! Contact Robert Washington at 806.433.1401 to receive your special promotions!
  6. Notify your movers.
  7. Contact Schools for Enrollment information
  8. Notify “Title Company” of a convenient time to close. Please note that exact closing dates and time are scheduled only a few days out so be sure to consult with B&M Amarillo Homes as well. We will always try to accommodate your schedule.
  9. All monies for closing in excess of $1,500.00 must be in form of certified check. Please have your check ready.
  10. Contact Job Superintendent for your door openers and final sets of keys.

Check with the Potter/Randall County Appraisal District for instructions on claiming your new home as your homestead. This can save you $15,000.00 in your tax valuation and a few hundred dollars in property taxes.