Can we contact contractors directly regarding changes or modifications?

We highly discourage direct contact regarding a change or modification. The primary reason is that if the change or modification doesn’t go well, and we haven’t been kept informed or made aware of the details, we have a difficult time resolving issues. A contractor will not be looking at the project as a whole and may not even inform us of the change. We appreciate in advance your letting our home builders direct the contractors.

Can we make changes during the construction process?

Our goal is to have all details resolved before we begin construction. Our system is designed to be as streamlined and efficient as possible. What appears to be a simple change can stop the entire project for weeks. We are always open to communicate with and accommodate our customers, but we cannot emphasize enough how important it is to be thorough from the start.

Can we make upgrades?

Upgrades are slightly different than changes. We have defined upgrades that are packaged as available in our upgrade menu. In most cases, we recommend that you have upgrades defined at the start of construction of your new home. However, if the upgrade is on a phase that has not begun and the upgrade is within our defined upgrade package, we don’t have a problem with it. Many times, we can amend your contract, depending on the appraisal status. Please feel free to speak with us about upgrades. We certainly want to accommodate you in any way that we can.

Can we move things in before closing?

Before we can allow you to move anything (even a box) onto the property, we must have a certificate of occupancy from the City. We may incur large fines otherwise. It also affects our relationship with the City and our inspectors. Please know that as soon as we have the certificate of occupancy, we will do our best to work with you to move into your new Amarillo home.

Will someone contact us for closing?

The coordination of your closing falls with your mortgage lender. We communicate with the lender and with you during the process, but rely on the lender to coordinate the actual closing date. Click here to learn more about mortgage loans and how to make the process smoother.

If we are trading a home for an Exit Property, how much time will we have to move in?

Normally, B&M Amarillo Homes allows a 10-day window to move out of the Exit Property without incurring fees or charges. Please speak with us if you have a special request, as it is always our goal to accommodate your needs. Exceptions to this policy are made on a case-by-case basis, so be sure to reach out to our home construction company for assistance.

When can we lock in our interest rate?

Your mortgage professional can best answer this question. Typically, you can lock in an interest rate 30 to 45 days before closing. The time frame will depend on the lender and type of loan, so please contact your mortgage lender for details.

When do we transfer utilities?

Please contact our office prior to making arrangements for utility transfer. If you will have possession of the new home within 10 days of closing, please leave the utilities on in your name. We will schedule the transfer of utilities at the Exit Property. When you speak with the utility company, inform them that B&M Amarillo Homes will be acquiring your property and will call them directly to transfer utilities into that name. Keeping utilities on will save time and money, and we appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

What appliances are included with my home?

Typically, in real estate, built-in appliances are included with the purchase price. This includes a cooktop range, microwave, and dishwasher. A refrigerator, clothes washer and dryer are not included. Contact us to learn more about this process.

What selections and choices do I get to make in my home?

When B&M Amarillo Homes begins a phase build, we make an agreement to our contractors and subcontractors based on a wide variety of choices. You will be able to select your granite from six to eight different options. We have different cabinetry choices, flooring tile, and multiple carpeting selections to choose from.

What do I bring to closing?

Your mortgage lender will provide details of what you should bring to closing — please contact them directly. Of course, you must bring the funds required to close. You will always need your driver’s license and social security card, so if you’ve lost either of them, now is the time to complete the paperwork for a replacement.

What is PDQI (Pre-Delivery Quality Inspection)?

During the construction process, you may notice details that need to be addressed, such as paint touch-ups. As the house nears completion, B&M Amarillo Homes will schedule a detailed inspection to check all appliances, test hot water heater, and more to be certain everything is functional and operating properly. We look for paint touch-ups, imperfections, caulking, and other details that make your home perfectly finished. Then, we will schedule a meeting with you to go over the PDQI list and address any concerns you may have about your new home.

When does closing occur on the Exit Property?

If B&M Amarillo Homes is purchasing your current home, the closing on the Exit Property and the new build will occur simultaneously. This way, you don’t sign over your existing property until the new home is completed. In most cases, the closings happen on the same day and you will see the check at closing. Learn more about the B&M difference here.

When is our closing date?

Closing dates will vary based on the type of loan, as each loan has different requirements that must be completed before starting the paperwork. Surveys and title commitments are just a couple of these details that are coordinated by your mortgage lender. Because we are orchestrating so many details, it’s difficult to give a date two weeks out. We will work with you to be certain the closing date fits your schedule and normally provide a two- to three-day range. Also, note that the closing date and move-in date can be two different dates, and we will do everything in our power to also provide a move-in date so that you can coordinate with your mover.

When does construction begin?

When building a new home, the process tends to be front-loaded. There are many logistics that go on behind the scenes before the actual construction starts. Building permits, engineering requirements, and heating and air, to name a few. Our objective is to break ground within 30 days of signing the contract. Keep in mind that the time frame we have quoted does include those 30 days for your new Amarillo home.

Where do I go for closing?

Closing will take place at your title company. We have a preferred title company and our office will be happy to make a referral, but that decision is yours and should be discussed with your mortgage lender.

Whom do I call with questions?

Job superintendents are assigned for each phase of the construction process. At the time you sign the contract, we will provide you the job superintendent’s card. Barry Christy is also always happy to take your call and answer any questions you may have.

Can you build on a lot I already own?

We consider these requests on a case-by-case basis depending on where we are in a phase build and the location of your lot. If you are hoping to build a home with our Amarillo team, be sure to contact us to see if we can help!

Do you take homes or trade-ins outside of Amarillo?</a?

At this time, we do not take trade-ins outside of Potter and Randall counties. We do, however, take rural trade-ins within the Amarillo/Canyon area.

How does your trade-in program work?

Please refer to the Sum of All Parts Approach to Building section of the Website for more a breakdown of the trade-in process. You can also learn about how the B&M process works here.

Where does B&M Amarillo Homes, LP build?

You’ll find subdivisions where we have projects and phases underway under the Neighborhoods tab of our Website. We do not build homes outside of these phases.