Please use the following information when selling your home to B&M Asset Group:

  1. Client is to turnover possession within ten (10) days of closing.
  2. Cleaned out and free of debris, including garage, storage and attic.
  3. General cleaning
  4. Maintained yard, mowed, watered and weed free. Trees and shrubs trimmed.
  5. All appliances clean and in working order
  6. All mechanical appliances are in working order, HVAC, plumbing fixtures, hot water heater
  7. Locks removed from gates
  8. Yards free of pet droppings
  9. Utilities on and functioning
  10. Unattached ornamental decorations, dog houses, and yard art removed
  11. HVAC return air filters changed
  12. All light bulbs are in working order
  13. Unused firewood removed
  14. Within ten (10) days after the effective date of this contract, Seller shall furnish to Buyer and Title Company, Seller’s existing survey of the Property.
  15. Seller authorizes Buyer to withhold $500.00 of the sales price for up to ten (10) days after closing, pending a final walk through of the property to verify that Seller has complied with the terms of this amendment. Seller authorizes Buyer to withhold from the $500.00 reasonable and necessary sums to correct any of the above items which Seller has not done, and then to turn the balance over to Seller.
  16. Buyer will schedule two (2) home walk-thru’s with Seller. Upon contract signing and at closing.