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NRL Mortgage

  Jared Zirkle with NRL Mortgage has been B&M Asset Group’s #1 preferred lender since 2010 and has helped hundreds of B&M’s customers secure mortgage financing over the years. Jared is a new construction lending expert, and due to his familiarity with B&M’s building process and trade in program, he is able to provide financial guidance and education throughout the entire process of building & purchasing your new home. As part of the services he offers to B&M clients, he will provide buyers with a free copy of their credit report and a free credit consultation along with advice on how to maximize their credit scores. His goal is to ensure every customer has an exceptional financing experience and obtains the most competitive financing terms possible when closing on their new home.

Making it as Stress Free as Possible

We have all heard horror stories of families having packed their bags ready to move only to find they really aren’t approved. Over the years I have built over 1500 homes and been involved in over 2500 transactions. I have seen these things happen. I have compiled a list of “do’s and dont’s” in regard to the mortgage application process. Problems typically occur when a customer unwittingly does something to effect their approval status. Barry Christy
  1. Absolutely under no circumstances should you acquire additional debt of any kind after you have decided to purchase a new home. Even after you are told you are approved do not acquire additional debt. Your file may have to be updated a few days prior to closing. If you went out and charged furniture or purchased a car this could terminate your deal.
  2. You cannot have NSF checks reflecting on your bank statements even if the bank pays them and charges you a fee. This is unacceptable. If you currently have any NSF fees, get your balance up to the positive and keep it that way so your next statement reflects no NSF’s and a positive balance.
  3. All payments must be kept current up to the date of closing. A past due payment on anything during the time frame between your application and closing is a deathblow to your deal. Note; even if your contacted a lender and they agree to allow you to skip a payment they most probably will still reflect it as past due on your report. Just do not do it under any circumstances.
  4. Know your credit! Below you will find a link to, where you are entitled to one free report from each reporting agency annually. This site will allow you to access all three credit reporting agencies. You can also dispute any inaccuracies online and from the sites you will be directed to. It is very important to begin the process early. Also when reviewing your derogatory accounts, if you have any, take careful note to check the balance due, the date of last activity and all details of the account. Any small piece of the account description can have a negative effect on your credit score. Usually a derogatory account will be reflected several times, first as past due with the original creditor, then as a collection. If this collection is sold from one agency to another it may show multiple times. I have seen very few derogatory accounts listed that do not contain inaccuracies. Be diligent and review your report with care. For additional information on this subject we have included a link to
  5. DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT and DOCUMENT. We have provided you with an extensive “Mortgage Application Worksheet”. I cannot stress enough how much more smoothly the process will be if you gather all the information from the beginning of the process. Also, remember the lender does not know you as I do. The only link they have to you are the documents that you provide. Please be thorough and use the worksheet.
  6. Select an insurance company early in the process. You may want to check our insurance resources tab and obtain quotes from these providers that we have had positive experiences with.
  7. Refer to our “10 Days to Close” tab.