Satisfactory Credit Score

Your credit score is a mathematical algorithm. The formula is derived from a model called Fair Isaac (FICO), where points are given for revolving credit, payment history, outstanding debt, available credit limits, and debt ratio. Your credit score could change drastically just by paying down small debts. We are not credit counselors, but can pull your credit score and provide guidance as to how to improve your credit score. We also offer our lease-to-purchase options for those interested in buying a new home that are not quite ready to fully commit.

Total Investment

In order to purchase a home, potential buyers must have all of their finances in order. From closing costs and fees to agent commissions, individuals may opt out of purchasing because of the high investment cost. However, many programs allow consumers to purchase a home with minimal investments:

  • Rural subdivisions qualify for USDA programs that create access for many people to purchase a home with zero down.
  • VA loans are zero down.
  • FHA loans are available to anyone with 3.5% down.

B&M Amarillo Homes, LP pays your closing costs up to 2% of the sales prices. We give you the opportunity to own a home with zero investment. This provides buyers with the best chance to buy their home without the high investment costs.


The length of time you’ve been at your current employer is not as important as how long you’ve been employed in your field. There are exceptions that lenders will take into consideration, such as being a student, taking time off to have children, etc. Ultimately, though, a well-employed buyer will have the best chance of moving into a new home!

Payment Affordability

Record-low interest rates and zero-down loans mean that the old line, “Payment equals 1 percent of your home price,” no longer applies. Stable costs and low interest rates make the affordability of owning a new home lower than any other time in history. The rates have just been dropped again, making it even easier to afford more home for less. We’d love to sit down with you and help you calculate your payment. You’ll be amazed to learn how much home you can afford with our home construction specialists.

Contact us today to learn how beneficial buying a new home financing in Amarillo can be. B&M Amarillo Homes, LP proudly offers a lease-to-purchase program, as well as trade-in options for existing homes. We look forward to helping you