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Whether you’re a prospective homeowner, a veteran, or a realtor, we have a program for you.

Find out how we can help you avoid unnecessary stress, save money, and raise your credit—all while creating the ideal home for your lifestyle.

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B&M Trade Program - We Buy Yours, You Buy Ours

Our Trade Program is a simple way to sell your existing home without the stress, headaches, and fees of the traditional selling process. When you sell your home to B&M Amarillo Homes, you don’t have to list your property or show your home to strangers. And you won’t wonder where you’ll live during construction if your home sells quickly.

Here’s how it works: We will order an appraisal by an independent third-party and offer you a fair price. This typically will give you more value for your home than if you were to sell it on today’s market. The appraisal process is usually complete within a week.

You pay no commissions, fees, or closing costs—which can save you substantial amounts of money. Plus, many of our clients who sell us their home and keep a portion of the equity to pay off credit card debt or reset their financial clock. 


Benefits of Trading Your Home:

1. Buy now without the hassle of selling

2. Avoid the expense and hassle of moving twice

3. Pay no commissions, fees, or closing costs

4. Trade value is based on market appraisal

5. Protect your equity rather than letting it get eaten up by fees and closing costs

6. No multiple showings of your current home

7. Eliminate uncertainty and know what you are getting

Ready to sell your home so you can upgrade your lifestyle? Take advantage of B&M Amarillo Homes’ Trade Program and receive the best potential value for your property.

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Credit Restoration & Education Program

Life happens. Even if you have a great job and work your hardest, you can still find yourself struggling with a low credit score or negative items on your credit. Bad things happen to good people. At B&M Amarillo Homes, we understand how disappointing it can be when you can’t build or move into your ideal home because of your credit. That’s why we work with a preferred lender and credit advisor to help you rebuild your credit while building your home.

Using a program called Credit Expert, our preferred lender will analyze your credit score and create a tailored plan to help you improve it by the time your house is ready. Whatever life events may come your way, we’ll help you make practical changes to boost your credit so you can achieve your goal of owning a home.

Our credit advisor can educate you on your credit, eliminate any negative or incorrect information, and boost your score to ensure you maintain healthy credit and secure your financial future. This education will go above and beyond just getting you approval for your mortgage financing needs. This will save you thousands of dollars over your lifetime.

If you think this program could be beneficial for you, give us a call.

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B&M Homes - Credit Restoration Program


Veterans Programs


B&M Asset - Vet Programs


As a veteran, you have given so much to serve our country. It’s our privilege to give back. We will pay up to 1.5% of the sales price and closing costs as allowed by the lender, which, when combined with VA financing, allows many vets to move into one of our high-quality homes without spending any money out of pocket. 

If you have disabilities, you may also be eligible for the Texas Vet Program. This program allows you to get a zero downpayment, all closing costs paid, and a substantially lower interest rate. Additionally, you may also qualify for a property tax exemption, which lowers your monthly payment costs.

Please give us a call today. We would love to help you move into the home that fits your needs and lifestyle.

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Realtor Alliance

At B&M Amarillo Homes, our Realtor Alliance Program can help you with any client situation.

Our mission is to provide every person in Amarillo with a high-quality home that fits their lifestyle, circumstance, and budget. We can’t do that without the help of realtors like you. To make the buying and selling process easier for you and your clients, we offer two unique programs: a Trade Program and Lease with Purchase Option Program.

The B&M Amarillo Homes Trade Program allows your clients to trade their existing home for one of our properties. Not only does this take the stress of showing the home away from your client, but it also saves you the hassle of selling the property on their behalf. We order an appraisal, give your client an offer, and pay you a $2,500 referral fee on their trade plus a standard commission on their new home. We’re your guaranteed, qualified buyer.

With our Trade Program, you can:

  • Expedite the transaction with simultaneous closings. We’ll close both on the same day.
  • Skip contingency contracts, and time lost waiting on credit approvals.
  • Help your client avoid extra costs. We don’t charge any commission or fees. 
  • Make the process so much easier for your client. They skip the hassle of selling and won’t have to move twice.

As a realtor, you likely know the frustrations of investing time and money into a client only to find out they aren’t qualified. It’s disappointing for both of you and, in the end, you’re left hoping they raise their credit score and reach out to you sometime in the future. But with our Lease with Purchase Option Program, you can help your clients bridge the gap to homeownership right away.

The B&M Lease with Purchase Option Program allows an individual to rent a property they love while taking steps to improve their credit and making payments toward owning the home. We put a client in a home under contract, enroll them in our Credit Restoration & Education program, and guarantee you full commission if we close in 12 months (which, more often than not, we do).

This program allows you to help your client achieve their goal of owning a home without losing the commission you deserve.

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